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The Goldcoaster is a publication of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation Inc., a public 501(c)3 charity created to preserve and restore the character of Harvard's most historic House, Adams. In addition to funding the restoration of the FDR Suite in Westmorly and maintaining the Suite's collections, the Foundation co-sponsors the annual FDR Memorial Lecture and Dinners, sponsors the FDR Global Fellowships, and the FDR Center for Global Engagement

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Vol. 5, No 1: Autumn 2014

Destruction before construction. Aided by Rob Gunzy '15, Matt Pasquini '16, Mark Sorensen '16, Santiago Pardo '16, and Lauren Claus '16. the Foundation embarks on the replanting and refurbishment of the courtyard outside the dining hall. When finished next spring, the restoration, jointly funded by the House and Foundation, will feature Versailles boxes planted with boxwood, white wooden trellis on the walls covered with climbing hydrangea, landscape lighting and a shade garden planmted with fragrant spring bulbs followed by summer perennials.


In This Issue:

The C-entry gateway: The Beginning and the End

Letter from Cambridge: Sending the Elevator Back Down
Michael Weishan '86

The View from Apthorp: Global Citizenship and the Environment
Masters Judy and Sean Palfrey

Here's A Health to King Charles
Echoes of our Harvard Past.

Sophomore Profile: Tez Clark '17
Each fall we sit down with one of our most intriguing new Adamsians for a sense of undergraduate life today.

The Roosevelts At Harvard
Geoffrey Ward
Acclaimed historian and writer for Ken Burn's smash PBS hit joined us last May for the Sixth Annual Memorial Lecture. Here's the illustrated text of his engaging talk.

Adams ALumni Interview: Doug Carver '59
An ex-Marine rediscovers a forgotten corner of Harvard's military past.

Achieving Global Health Equity in a Generation: A Roadmap Forward with Larry Summers and Julio Frenk.
This past October 14th, the Foundation's new Center for Global Engagements sponsored their first talk: Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Emeritus Larry Summers joined Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health Julio Frenk to discuss a new approach to equalizing medical access throughout the world. Here's the video.