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Claire Mays '81

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Sean Lynn-Jones
Resident Tutor '84-'92

Undergraduate Editor
Christopher Alessandrini '15

The Goldcoaster is a publication of the FDR Suite Foundation Inc., a public 501(c)3 charity created to preserve and restore the character of Harvard's most historic House, Adams. In addition to funding the restoration of the FDR Suite in Westmorly and maintaining the Suite's collections, the Foundation co-sponsors the annual FDR Memorial Lecture and Dinners, leads HAA historic walking tours, and hosts other events to promote the House. The Foundation also seeks to establish FDR Memorial Scholarships to benefit needy House residents.

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Vol. 4, No 1: Autumn 2013

Now a regular visitor to Adams House, this female wild turkey, one of a pair, is probably the first member
of its species seen in Harvard Square since George Washington was young. The two birds can often be seen
walking down the middle of Mt. Auburn street, to the consternation of motorists, the delight of tourists, and the
dismay of a certain prelate at St. Paul's, whose car roof has become the birds' favorite roost,
with all the attendant consequences.


In This Issue:

The C-entry gateway: The Beginning and the End

Letter from Cambridge: Transitions
Michael Weishan '86

The View from Apthorp: Brave New World
Judy and Sean Palfrey

Jesus Falls A Second Time
An original short story by Christopher Alessandrini '15.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Republican
Michael Weishan '86
The surprising political beginnings of our own president-resident.

Student Profile: Santiago Pardo '16

Seamus at Adams
Robert Kiely
Former master Bob Kiely recalls the ever talented and much beloved Nobel Laureate, Adams' own Seamus Heaney, who died this past September.

Adams Going Global
This seven-minute video profiles the remarkable odyssey of our first two Franklin Delano Roosevelt Global Fellows – and forms a very far from average "what I did over my summer vacation" tale.